Silk Scarves, Swimmers Series
My silk scarves sell out before they are photographed! I don’t know how many hundreds of them I have painted. For several years, Page Klune exhibited and sold silk scarves and paintings in her fine art gallery in Ketchum, Idaho: the scarves Page carried were decorated with Inuit and Arctic themes. She sold them as fast as I could produce them. Other series have included wildflowers, Native American themes, architecture, world dancers, astrological symbols, woodland animals, and Andean landscapes. My best one-day sale was held at a Washington, D.C., fashion boutique named Toast and Strawberries, where over 60 scarves were exhibited and sold on “opening” night. I wish I had better pictures to show here. I need to digitize a bunch of snapshots for the purpose. In the meantime, I continue responding to requests for custom designed silks.
Sample dyed scarves on Habotai silk 11” x 60”