Sedna Legend (Inuit Myth)
According to the Inuit, the sea and all her creatures are ruled by Sedna. A fierce force half fish half woman, Sedna was once an Inuit girl who abandoned her family to marry a dog and, when that didn’t work, to marry a cormorant. Her father, disgusted by her foolishness and tired of rescuing her, decided to pick her up from the cormorant’s rock, take her out to sea, and throw her overboard to be rid of her forever. When she clung to the boat’s side, he chopped off her fingertips, then her fingers, and finally her hands. Those pieces of her turned into all sorts of sea dwelling creatures: fish, seals, whales, and so on. Eventually she evolved into her frightening mythical form. When storms rage, shamans must dive into the depths to comb out her tangled hair and thereby restore the sea to calm.
Metallic and Liquitex acrylics on stretched canvas 36” x 36”