This painting is another from the Gaea Series (1995). It was featured on the front page of the Style Section of the Washington Post soon after I completed it. I report in detail what the Post’s art critic commented about a trend he was perceiving among contemporary landscape painters because what he wrote was all nonsense anyway. My whole Gaea Series (which has virtually nothing to do with interior decoration mandates and furniture color schemes, as that critic suggested) was inspired by W. H. Auden’s 1953 poem “Ode to Gaea,” which begins as follows: From this new culture of the air we finally see, far-shining in excellence, what our Mother, the nicest daughter of Chaos, would admire could she look in a glass…. Auden was talking about an aerial perspective. And that’s the link that connects all my Gaea Series paintings.
Oils on canvas panel 24” x 30”