Max the Akita
This portrait of Max was done in 2013, when Max was seven years old. He is getting a little grey around the muzzle. I have always painted my pets and have many portraits of my first Akita, Murasaki Shikibu (“Shiki”), named after the world’s first prose novelist. Lady Murasaki lived in Japan during the eleventh century and wrote The Tale of Genji. I never found out for whom Max was named. We adopted him from the Montgomery Animal Rescue League when he was two years old. He had run away so many times from his owner that the owner refused to pay the dog catcher fees and fines. He also refused to give the dog the required immunizations and to keep him on a leash. So, I sprang for the handsome canine, paid a huge number of vet bills, and began training him to behave with dignity and propriety. Max is a wonderful dog. Would you like for me to paint your pet’s portrait? I can do.
Watercolors on gesso board 8:” x 10”