Mindful of the traditional uses of this medium, I employ oil paints mostly to represent extensive landforms, formal portraits, or still life.


If oils feel symphonic, acrylics feel like a jazz medium. I use acrylics and especially the gold metallic acrylics to emphasize the iconic aspects of my subject matter.

Water Colors, Gouaches & Pastels

While watercolors are great for recording travel impressions, my watercolors are mostly traditional Chinese brush paintings�except for the portraits.

Other Media

Here you can see just a few examples of my works on silks and other fabrics, porcelain, wooden boxes,and assorted furniture.

Works In Private Collections

Because so much of what I have created now belongs to others, I am providing a small sample here of works in special collections.


Here are just a few samples of items decorated with traditional minerals and 18K gold and fired at high temperatures in a kiln.