Farmland/Sunset, Virginia
Oils on stretched canvas 48” x 48” This is a composite vision of my Virginia, conflating the mountains and sunsets as seen from our mountain place in Madison County with fields and pastures that lead up to the property.
Lumaak and the Loons (Inuit Myth)
Gold metallic and Liquitex acrylics on stretched canvas 48” x 48” In the famous Eskimo folktale, the child Lumaak was blind and abused by his mother and brother. A pair of magical loons took pity on him. They lifted him up by the feet and flew with him over the sea. They strafed the waves, dipping his head again and again in the water until suddenly Lumaak could see.
Tropical Moonlight
Oils on stretched canvas 40” x 40” A night view of the beach and the shining sea through rainforest foliage, this painting captures bright moonlight glistening on the water, palm fronds, ferns, tropical woodlands, and even some night-flowering plants.
Krishna and the Horse Demon, Yellow
Oils on stretched canvas 40” x 40” This painting is another chromatic spin on the terracotta frieze of Krishna killing Keshi sculpted in the 5th century (Gupta era) and found in Uttar Pradesh, India, the work that also inspired my acrylic version of the story.